How do I find the nearest branch?
You don’t need to, by dialling 0861694527 or submitting your request online, My Glass will allocate your job to your nearest available technician.
What warranties are extended on the product and service?
Product Product (warranty) Fitment (warranty)
Shatterprufe® Lifetime Lifetime
Xinyi 3 Years Lifetime
Fuyao 12 Months Lifetime
USG 2 Years Lifetime
What is My Glass’s B-BBEE standing?
My Glass is a 58.83% black owned B-BBEEE supplier.
How are claims processed? Do I need to complete any paperwork?
No, My Glass takes care of all the claim paperwork through its automated claim software, EZ Claim
Which products do you stock?
Fuyao, USG, Xinyi, Benson, Shatterprufe® and Agents. Fuyao is an internationally recognised OEM approved manufacturer.
Are My Glass products lead free?
Yes, all glass products have a lead free ceramic band.
What safety standards do you comply with?
My Glass services comply with all local safety standards and most international standards. Our products carry the following safety standard ratings:

SABS, E-Mark (European), DOT (USA Department Of Transport), CCC (China Compulsory Certification), ECE (Economic Commission for Europe Regulation), TÜV, ISO/TS (Japan)

Can client safety be guaranteed?
Yes. The products My Glass stock are designed according to the highest international safety standards as well as certain OEM specifications. We also only use OEM approved bonding agents.
Is imported glass of inferior quality?
No. All our imported glass products are insurance approved, and meet the exact same local standards as the locally produced glass. There is a perception that has been created in the South African market place by competitive brands that ‘Chinese Glass’ is not ‘shatterproof, insurance approved ‘Chinese glass’ not only complies with South African standards, but with global standards such as ISO/TS 16949:2009, which is a specification for suppliers that supply OE quality products.
Are all the My Glass products Shatterproof?
Yes. A distinction needs to be made between ‘Shatterprufe®’ and ‘Shatterproof’. ‘Shatterprufe®’ is a trademark. ‘Shatterproof’ is a safety characteristic which refers to the construction and physical properties of the windscreen. Laminating two pieces of glass stops the glass from shattering into splinters, hence SHATTERPROOF. All windscreens legally sold in South Africa are shatterproof. That means they all comply with the SABS standard, which requires them to be resistant to penetration and disintegration by being manufactured with a laminated vinyl core.
Is there an excess waiver (zero excess) when replacing or repairing glass with My Glass?
In most cases yes and only on the Fuyao, Xinyi, Benson and USG products. It is advised that you check with your local My Glass service consultant or broker before you carry out the work..