In an insightful discussion with Gary Stieger, the CEO of My Glass, he delves into the multifaceted world of glass in the insurance industry.

The conversation reveals the intricate role that glass plays in insurance, the challenges faced by the glass supply chain, and what sets My Glass apart in a competitive market.

The Role of Glass in Insurance is expanding – Glass in the insurance industry has evolved far beyond just windshields. Gary emphasises that it encompasses a broad spectrum of services and responsibilities. Insurance companies look to partners like My Glass to manage incidents, meet client expectations, and enhance the service experience.

Additionally, they seek assistance in controlling the average cost of claims, which is a significant driver for insurers. To meet these demands, My Glass employs an online claims management system, provides actuarial data, manages the supply chain, and integrates with insurers to optimise efficiency. Risk management is also a key aspect, including the training of network personnel and a commitment to women’s empowerment.

The Duality of Building and Motor Glass – An interesting point raised in the interview is the duality of building glass and motor glass, which seem like two distinct industries. Gary acknowledges this divide, noting that building glass has become highly specialised due to advanced glazing techniques and regulations. While specialists thrive in metropolitan areas, rural regions necessitate a combined approach due to economic constraints. My Glass offers both building and motor glass services across various locations, but it leaves specialised glazing to the experts, as the risk can be high.

gary stieger

Challenges in the Glass Supply Chain – Gary identifies political instability and exchange rate fluctuations as the most significant challenges in the glass supply chain. Local manufacturing and imported glass both depend on the exchange rate, making it a major risk factor for the industry. While supply issues are not as prevalent locally, exchange rate volatility can impact costs and profitability.

We are Clear About Service

  • Mobile Service: My Glass comes to you, offering convenient on-site solutions
  • Versatility: Not just vehicle glass. My Glass also specializes in building glass repairs and replacements
  • Custom claims management: Experience seamless incident reporting with My Glass Bordereau, our bespoke online claims management system
  • Extensive stock: My Glass boasts the widest range of available stock, ensuring prompt service.

What Sets My Glass Apart:

Gary emphasises several unique aspects of My Glass’s approach:.

  • Cultural Values: My Glass is built on values of transparency, integrity, honesty, and respect, fostering strong business relationships.
  • Procurement Model: They offer a unique procurement model with multiple approved brands, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Value Addition: Instead of solely focusing on profits, My Glass strives to add value to all stakeholders, including suppliers, networks, and clients.
  • Tech Integration: Technology underpins their operations, ensuring efficient service delivery and consistent service levels across the country.
  • Continuous Improvement: A relentless culture of continuous improvement ensures they stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • Owner-Managed Network: My Glass boasts a 100 percent owner-managed national network, a rarity in the industry.
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Commitment: Many of their licensees are level one accredited, promoting diversity and empowering women in the industry.
  • Modesty: My Glass prefers actions over words, opting for a humble approach that resonates with clients.

In the interview, Gary Stieger paints a comprehensive picture of the evolving role of glass in the insurance industry and the unique position of My Glass within this landscape. My Glass’s commitment to integrity, value addition, and continuous improvement sets them apart, promising clients and partners that when they say, “We got you,” they mean it.

As they navigate the challenges of exchange rates and competition, My Glass remains dedicated to providing outstanding service and upholding their core values.