I spoke to Zahed Rassool, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of My Glass, to delve into the tech marvel that powers this innovative glass insurance provider.

My Glass, known for its seamless claim submission process and paperless client installations, has redefined the glass insurance industry through a robust and user-centric technological approach.

My Glass has recognised the complexities of the glass insurance landscape. Zahed Rassool emphasised that the journey begins with a deep understanding of business needs and industry intricacies. Their claim submission process, a cornerstone of their My Glass Bordereau (MGB) solution, focuses on mitigating fraud both within their network and insurance companies.

This submission process does not stop at fraud prevention; it also prioritises security. Every action, interaction, and transaction within the system is meticulously logged and tracked. This comprehensive record-keeping ensures transparency and accountability throughout the claims process.

 ‘We Got You’ – One of My Glass’s recent innovations is their client-centric approach, aptly named ‘We Got You.’ This customer-first philosophy is deeply ingrained in their organization. It has virtually eliminated paperwork, enhancing efficiency and convenience for both clients and technicians.

Client installations are now carried out with the aid of mobile devices, revolutionising the entire process. Before installation, technicians perform pre-inspections using these devices, capturing photos, and surveying the vehicle to ensure they have the right materials. This streamlined approach enables better preparation and efficient installations.

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My Glass keeps clients engaged and informed throughout the entire process. Clients receive updates via SMS and Email from the initial contact to the final installation. They also receive a PDF copy of the pre-and post-inspection reports, giving them full visibility into the service quality. Furthermore, clients can rate the service, fostering transparency and accountability.

When it comes to developing a platform that caters to diverse stakeholders, Zahed stresses the importance of first identifying who these stakeholders are. This process can be challenging as some individuals might perceive themselves as stakeholders when they are part of the process, not true stakeholders.

We are Clear About Service

  • Mobile Service: My Glass comes to you, offering convenient on-site solutions
  • Versatility: Not just vehicle glass. My Glass also specializes in building glass repairs and replacements
  • Custom claims management: Experience seamless incident reporting with My Glass Bordereau, our bespoke online claims management system
  • Extensive stock: My Glass boasts the widest range of available stock, ensuring prompt service.
We are Clear About Service
To address this, My Glass adopts a user-centric approach that heavily relies on user research. This approach helps understand the unique needs, goals, and pain points of various users who will interact with the system. Creating user personas and defining user journeys are key steps in this process.

The insurance industry is dynamic, and My Glass understands the need for continuous learning and adaptation. Zahed mentions that they have an in-house development team, which provides them with the flexibility to iteratively design, develop, and release updates. This iterative approach enables them to stay ahead of industry changes and consistently improve their platform.

User Training and Continuous Communication – With such diverse users, including different languages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and age groups, My Glass places a strong emphasis on user-friendliness. They adhere to Steve Jobs’ philosophy that a system should be intuitive enough that users do not require a user manual.

Continuous communication is vital for user training and keeping everyone up to date with system developments. My Glass ensures that its system guides users, minimising the need for extensive training. In case users face any issues, they can access live chat channels for immediate assistance.

By understanding the needs of diverse stakeholders, maintaining an iterative development process, and prioritizing user-friendliness and security, My Glass has successfully transformed the glass insurance landscape.

Their ‘We Got You’ philosophy embodies their commitment to providing exceptional service to clients while leveraging the power of technology to streamline processes and enhance transparency.

Source from: https://magazine.cover.co.za/october-2023-edition/revolutionising-glass-insurance-with-cutting-edge-technology/